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1 Burley : 170 Voices
@ Better Leeds Communities

Creating Connections, Celebrating Community


Who We Are and What We Do

1 Burley : 170 Voices @ Better Leeds Communities, located in the heart of Burley is a National Lottery funded
project, steered by Community Leaders and Volunteers and co-produced by those that access the project. Initiatives include workshops, events, celebrations, learning and creating.


What We Do

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Focussing On The Positives

Learning and Growing Together

Being The Change We Want To See


Our Aim

To enable a thriving community that is resourceful, supporting and resilient in its capacity and delivery to create a positive presence that reduces the impact of social isolation experienced in Burley and the surrounding areas.


Contact Us

42 - 46 Burley Lodge Road, LS6 1QF

0113 275 4142